Saturday, February 7, 2015

The Barefoot Queen

Caridad, a former Cuban slave, wanders the streets of the city. She has just arrived by boat, and she is lost and frightened in the new country she finds herself in. When she meets Milagros Carmona, a young, rebellious gypsy, the two women instantly become friends. Milagros, like the rest of her people, is standing up to the vicious persecution of gypsies. When Milagros introduces Caridad to her exotic life on the edge of society, her life is changed forever. From the bustle of 18th-century Seville to the theatres of Madrid, THE BAREFOOT QUEEN is a rip roar-ing tale of friendship, betrayal and identity. Drawing us into the world of tobacco smuggling, music, dance, and gypsies, it tells the magnificent story of the birth of Flamenco.

This is a 647 page book that goes into to much detail about everything. The book is boring, has bad language and rape.